If it is necessary to conduct many studies for large companies, for a small business this need is even more evident. With a leaner budget, the responsibility to do a lot with a little is fundamental for the advertising venture to be successful.

To help you choose the most cost-effective option for your business, we have selected five advertising actions for small businesses that will fit you like a glove!

1 – Know that quality is your best spokesperson

A good reputation in the market, be it on a local, regional or national level, is of utmost importance for a marketing initiative to bear result. This is because a strategy will attract new clients but will not guarantee their permanence. You are the one who holds that power.

Commitment to quality in the end result, aligned with professionalism, has the ability to make your clients stay, and even recommend you to others.

2 – Define the target market of your campaigns

When it comes to marketing actions, exaggerating is not a good choice. A campaign that is too comprehensive may do more harm than good.

Analyze the market you currently serve. Which profile appears more frequently? What do they want? Knowing with whom you intend to communicate is essential to determine the most efficient language and method.


3 – Invest in content

In the digital world, advertising actions for small businesses are all about content marketing, which is the most efficient strategy to bring the consumer of your brand closer.

What makes this tool even more profitable is the possibility of implementing it without much financial resource. All you have to do is use the material acquired from that diagnosis to define the market and there you go: start your blog.

4 – Be present on social networks

A company that doesn’t have a profile on social networks is invisible to the majority of consumers. But having a business page is not enough, you need to get the public to interact with it.

On social networks you also have the advantage of doing time-limited promotions, such as those that offer deals for specific days, and speaking directly with those who are of interest to your business.

5 – Utilize email marketing

These campaigns are the digital version of door-to-door. For your client to want to know what you have to offer, it is fundamental for your email marketing to have an inviting subject and a well-organized and interesting content.

To set up mailing, start with the current contacts of the company and those of your region. Also take care of keeping periodicity and balancing textual and visual resources so that your message is not polluted.

Dedicating part of the funds into marketing should not be seen as an expense. After all, it is through advertisement that you will be able to achieve notoriety and competitiveness for your business.

With the advertising actions for small businesses that you have just learned it will be easier to become visible without touching your budget.

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