The functioning of digital signage networks in Brazil was organically constructed around entrepreneurs who provide points and structure for the utilization of this type of media. For being a dynamic sector, the development of tools and techniques to qualify management and monitoring of these systems is constant, as a means to reduce errors and qualify the results delivered to clients.

Nowadays there are countless ways to administrate and simplify the way the digital signage system works, adapted to the needs of clients and that help reduce operating costs.

Understand what remote management and monitoring is

When talking about remote management and monitoring, we’re referring to the tools that allow the simplified administration of applications and equipment, requiring only an internet connection. This long-distance administration is performed via software capable of automating routines considered repetitive and with a high error rate for your business. You can create playlists and program media exhibitions, set equipment to turn on and off automatically or remotely, control whether your screens are on or off in real time, display newsfeeds for free, generate detailed reports of what is displayed in each point and much more!

Now that you know a little more about what it means, we’re going to show you why implementing these technologies are so important for your communication.

Automate content management

Before implementing a digital signage network, you need to choose a way through which the content will be transmitted to your public. Systems that only allow monthly updates via DVDs or flash drives are less efficient for clients who increasingly need to use speed in favor of information. Relying on material distribution that happens in an unauthorized manner can also be a frequent cause of panic in terms of logistics.

Adopting remote software for content management has become the most reliable solution, capable of delivering consistent results to those who buy that media and those impacted by it. As such, offering updated content becomes simple from sales to distribution.

Ensure success in repetitive processes

One of the facilities in working with automated management systems in your company is in the execution of routine tasks, which end up being a bottleneck in the productivity of your team. Updating software, checking features, and detecting the need for maintenance are only some of the tasks in which it is possible to save many useful hours with the right choice of software.

Keeping competitive requires good administration of available resources for executing a certain project. By adopting automation, it is possible to ensure a high level of success in the conclusion of repetitive processes, such as the implementation of proactive maintenance.

Make your content more efficient

Technology is the best way to seize the opportunities provided by segmented advertisement, fully exploring the potential of your digital signage system. With remote management, it is possible to deliver the right content to the proper market most of the time and alter the way programming is displayed with just a few clicks. Making your content more efficient in its conversions is a positive consequence of remote monitoring.

Support is also made simpler when your monitoring tool works adequately. Allowing implementation of alterations and bug fixes in real time, remote solutions also present an advantage when it comes to scalability, as it can be implemented on the entirety of your network simultaneously.

Investing in good management and monitoring structure of your digital signage system makes a different in cash results. You simplify the way you manage your business and improve quality of support, creating opportunities and integrating your service from end to end.

Do you already use remote management and monitoring on your network? Don’t forget to tell us in the comments.

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