Knowing your target market is the first step to being successful in creating a marketing strategy that is truly effective. Understanding who buys your products or services is fundamental in developing better solutions and qualifying delivery. From this challenge comes the need to create personas, which will aid content production and increase the potential to attract new clients, generating leads and increasing business flow.

How about learning more about personas and improving the marketing strategies of your company? Keep reading and check out the material we have prepared to make this activity easier for you!

The marketing persona

Persona is a profile of the people and companies who consume what you have to offer, and it is a way of better understanding the behavior of a particular public, in such a way that creates accurate models of your clients. They are a personification of the set of characteristics common to your consumers.

Creating targeted campaigns was once a reality only for big companies, but nowadays it is in reach of small entrepreneurs, such as owners of sites and blogs. By segmenting communication, it is possible to achieve more on a smaller budget, with greater chances of seeing the worth of each cent invested in publicity.

Working with personas is particularly useful to digital entrepreneurs, who have in the knowledge of their target market the main tool to segment advertisements and increase the chances of conversion. The more you know your client, the easier it becomes, for instance, creating advertisements on Facebook Ads or Google Adwords, which offer more and more tools to narrow down the scope of their ads, this reaching people who are more prone to consume the type of product you have to offer.

Now we have some tips on how to create and utilize personas in your business. Shall we?

Identify the characteristics of your target market

To define a persona is to further investigate some points that lead to a decision to purchase your product or service, such as the physical and psychological characteristics of the consumer. Discovering what the client likes to read, what his main activities are, and his educational stage may be the first steps for this task. Creating efficient personas also requires discovery of where the client seeks information and which vehicles he trusts, uncovering, therefore, who and what has the potential to influence his decision to purchase.

You must think of clients who identify and are enthusiasts of your brand in order to recognize in them the types of consumer in whom your business should focus its efforts. You also need to pay attention to those who show some kind of resistance to your product, as knowing why these impediments occur is just as important as knowing what works in the dynamics.

Let your clients help you on this task

It is important to assess, with real clients, the information that will help compose your persona. This can be done the moment your company receives feedback, both positive and negative, as that is an opportunity to consult your consumers and ascertaining the information gathered to define the persona.

Being able to establish a relation between real clients and personas is important so that your public has a face and also so it can be seen as more than mere statistics or proposition.

Name your personas

Give your persona a name and speak of it as an important part of your business, using it in contextualized examples that will help your marketing team understand that they are accurate approximations of your real clients. Seeing these archetypes of the final consumer will help create solutions that meet your desires and organize more efficient strategies for marketing, be it online or offline.

See how creating personas is not as hard as it seems? How about trying this technique for your business marketing? Keep an eye on these tips and don’t forget to leave a comment about what you think of this post.

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