For the third consecutive year, a crowded room of industry influencers listened to an opening speech on the The DailyDOOH Media Summit help on May 17th 2016, as part of the London Digital Signage Week, to stress the importance of collaboration in the digital industry.

“Let’s start embracing the digital, continue investing in technology, and collaborating.” Sarah Speake, marketing director of Clear Channel UK, told the participants.

Collaboration is a word said several times by previous speakers in this event; by Shaun Gregory of Exterion Media last year, Tim Bleakley of Ocean Groups the year before, and it really was the theme of the events along the week.

Speake had the formidable task to predict the future of the industry to open the Summit on Tuesday. She stressed that the digital represents over 55% of all out-of-home media in the UK. She also took several interesting images from Outsmart, where it was found that a digital campaign delivers on average a result two-thirds superior, with a 14% increase in publicity and a 17% increase in brand effectiveness.

“So we have good numbers to attract advertisers. Besides that, a combination of classic and digital OOH. With an increase of 31% in spontaneous awareness; 61% increase in average brand awareness; and a 61% increase in campaign message recall,” said Speake.

Flexible combination of purchase, impactful dynamic content, interactivity and innovation should help the industry improve and grow. This, along with a combination of reach, segmentation, technology, measurement and messages to help people’s environments, bring us a performance of reality in the practice of OOH, she said.

Speake, of Clear Channel, ends with “We need a script to become increasingly digital.”

With that, we see the self-engagement of international players on the collaboration for the technological advancement of out-of-home media, as mentioned, the DOOH already claimed 55% of the British market and is constantly growing, not only in Europe. In the USA, where the media is already consolidated, the growth is encouraging, according to studies by Statista, the market had an 18% growth between 2014 and 2016, and is predicted to grow 26% by 2019, reaching 4.47 billion dollars.

The numbers are encouraging not only for the North-American market, but for the world as a whole, where the investment value is expected to reach 45.37 billion dollars by 2019, a 19% increase compared to 2014. Digitalization and technological advancement in the ways of commercialization of media are other factors that have driven the market. We will address that on later posts.

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