Digital signage technology has arrived and perhaps many people have not even noticed it. It is part of everyday business and business training. It is in the mall, in the food court, in the entrance of a restaurant or even in the hall of a hotel. At the entrance you already see a monitor showing a product / service, divulging some information or even the latest news.
But you do not have to go that far. Even within a company you already see a dynamic and interactive panel informing employees about the company’s performance, disseminating content, passing rules, among a myriad of possibilities. Many useful information can come through the digital signage channel and enable rapid feedback if integrated with a data collection system. And nothing more efficient than establishing a communication interface between your employees and customers, is not it?
Here are some useful tips that digital signage technology can drive your business to reduce costs and increase productive efficiency!

  1. Reduced infrastructure costs
    A digital signage system meets the needs of any type of business, aiming at reducing costs and increasing efficiency, either in customer loyalty or even in employee motivation.
    There is no concern about server infrastructure, software licenses, data center or technical support – all applications integrate a single system, which makes the server 100% customizable through APIs.

In addition, it is possible to have complete, remote and centralized control of the players, setting the rules only once without having to worry about adding content and updating them. Another great practicality is that even if the player is not connected to the server, the contents continue to run. This reduces costs with employees and other non-integrated systems.

  1. Right message to the right audience at the right time

It does not matter if the investment is in digital signage technology or any other customer prospecting tool, if the content is not relevant or even ineffective for people, no effort will be worth it.
When opting for a signage technology, the entrepreneur needs to keep in mind three important words: timing, environment, and relevance. Expecting a good audience to engage consumers is not simply providing ‘information at random’, but understanding who the target audience is, where they are, what they are doing, and what they expect the business to offer, then digital signage will reach Its purpose to meet the needs of customers and employees.
The proposal of a signage panel is to “deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time”. With a digital signage solution it is possible to create, manage and update media and campaigns, targeting the right audience with the best digital marketing strategy through dynamic interactive and interactive messaging. You can manage and monitor the display points, features, and players across the network in a synchronized, intuitive way.

  1. Greater control and generation of information in real time

A proper marketing message, right information for the target audience, excellent entertainment channel or even a visual complement, are some of the benefits digital signage offers. But keeping the interactivity with the consumer, attracting him or even directing him to make purchases may not be so simple when one does not have a focus on the message being transmitted, that is, when the information is more targeted or more up-to-date For the event, the greater the impact.
“Be aware of the fact that real-time information connects the opportunity to the result and this creates competitive advantage.”
For example, if digital signage technology is able to use the inventory system and offer bids for the purchase, both consumers and the retailer will benefit. That is, it is possible to have greater control of the products in stock, avoiding items standing still and that represent a great cost to the company and to make the provision of the consumers prices updated and that can meet the demand simultaneously.
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