No matter what the size of the company, in good marketing strategies good planning is essential to define what the best media for business. If your customer’s goal is to grow, or consolidate your brand in the market, your path certainly must be pursued by advertising. But if in times of crisis the money does not seem enough for this, be calm, because it is possible to invest without spending so much.
What’s the alternative?
On the opposite path of what some entrepreneurs think, getting the attention of your target audience does not necessarily mean spending too much. It is possible to position and carry out actions that bring good impacts and results while spending little. For this, it is of extreme importance a strategic planning that knows how to direct your advertisement to the place where your public is, be it in traditional media or online.
How to choose the best way?
To target your ad, just know who you want to talk to and where those people are most looking for information. With this in mind, it is possible to define whether the placement will happen in a newspaper, magazine, television, radio or in the new media present on the internet.
It is important to always think about relationships, to be part of the lives of the public that you want to achieve in the most organic way possible. In this way, knowing how to use the convergence between the media becomes fundamental. We’ll talk about this below.
What is the best media for the business?
For all the options we can choose, there will always be pros and cons. Let’s take a closer look at each one of them, both for traditional media and for new media:
With regard to traditional media:
TV, according to data released by the SECOM, continues being the communication medium most accessed by the population;
Audiences are already segmented according to the program in the case of radio and TV or the notebook in the case of newspapers;
They bring results because they are mass media and impact a large number of people at the same time.
On the other hand:
They are more expensive vehicles;
We can not measure ROI;
It is a one-way street;
Updates are slower.
Already on the internet, as the possibilities are varied, it is possible to do programmatic media, ads on Google platforms and use social networks. In these channels, the possibilities of audience segmentation and return metering are very efficient, cheap and agile for updates.

But nothing will do any good if your target audience is not in them.
Well, if even with these points raised you still have doubts as to the best media path for business, let’s go further:
People’s lives are very dynamic today. Take the example and see: wake up probably check your emails and your social networks, and only in that small interaction with the digital medium is likely to have been impacted by brands or businesses. While drinking coffee, if you turn on the TV or read your favorite newspaper, again you will be surprised by an advertisement.
On the way to work, if you are listening to the radio, you will also have contact with some advertisement and if you look out the window, you can see various urban furniture with new advertisements. This is the convergence of media, brands are online and offline, always.
These media were thought to be in those places at these times. There is no magic form. The right tactic to find the best media for the business, whatever it is, will always be strategic planning in order to talk to the audience you want at the most appropriate time.
So, have you learned about the best business media? Then participate and leave your comments here in the post.

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